My son had to punish me

phone chat numbersMy son had to punish me yesterday but it’s my own fault. I should have had dinner ready for him, I should have been paying attention to what time it was but instead I was busy watching a movie and only thinking of myself. I should have known that he was gonna be pissed when he got home and there was no food ready, I knew better and I still fucked it all up. That’s why he spanked me like I was a disobedient little girl, it was so humiliating that I couldn’t help but cry! He had me pulled over his lap with my panties around my ankles and he was spanking me so hard that I could barely breathe… but I was so turned on that my pussy was dripping moisture down my thighs. I was hoping that he would fuck me too but he was too pissed to give me any pleasure, he just throat fucked me till he came and then told me to get my ass in the kitchen and make him dinner before he killed me! I can’t complain though, it was all my fault and I deserved it.

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