Trying Something New

phone chat numbers dixieI know your not adventurous so I have to be creative when introducing you to knew kinks and fetishes. I know that if I want you to take a walk on the wild side I have to take you there without telling you where we are going. The lights are all off and I have you on the bed. You can’t tell that there is plastic under the sheet. Right now I am sucking your dick and balls, licking your ass and making sure that you are so hard you could cut diamonds with your rod. So fucking worked up and horny that your dick leads the way and your mind catches up later. I grab the oil and pour it all over your abdomen and dick just before I pull the sheet off and expose the plastic. Your cock is about to split wide opened it is so full of blood. We have played the game of sliding around on a sheet of plastic covered in everything from chocolate syrup to strawberry jelly to pudding. Baby oil would be the logical next step, if you had a logical fuck partner. You have reached the point where your cock is begging for more. The point where all logic is gone and pure lust remains. The oil on your body is almost dry and it is time for me to introduce you to another liquid that we will be covered in as we slide around on the mattress, fucking our brains out. I squat over you and let the golden liquid flow from my pussy. Practicing my kegal exercises, I stop and start the flow leaving a trail from just above your belly button to your dick before sliding you inside me and letting the last of my bladder empty all over you as I ride up and down. Introducing you to the world of golden showers.

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