Winning Streak

phone chat numbers GabrielleI went out with my girls the other night to the casino. Something we do often once we get bored. I made sure to dress up extra slutty just in case we came across some horny old men who are striking it big. And we did exactly that. This older gentleman playing roulette was landing his blacks left and right and I stood near by cheering him on but really I was just watching his chips pile high. I went and sat over next to him and told him I’d be his good luck charm. Hours later and a shit ton of wins he invited me up to a suite for the night. Of course I was not going to turn his offer down besides all the cash he just raked in he had a bulge in his pants that made my pussy dripping wet. The moment we walked through the door he was stripping me down as I was him. Then he sprawled me out on the bed and ate my pussy like no other. This fella could work his tongue. Then it was time to repay the favor as I swallowed his dick deep into my throat. Making sure to let his balls rest on my chin as his cock head bounced off the back of my throat. Following his mouth fucking he bent me over the sofa and pounded his rock hard staff deep into my cunt. We fucked in every position imaginable that night until he finally busted his load deep inside of my juicy fuck hole. That morning he left a note along side the bed that read thanks for the luck and the fuck next to the note was a pile of chips.

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