Why my mommy had to spank me..

Spanking phone sex

My mommy always has my back when it comes down to it. 

But when I disobey my mommy she punishes me in so many ways. 

I was told to clean my room and make it spotless before mommy got home. 

I had all day to clean but I got distracted. 

I found a pair of my mommies thong panties in my room. 

Her panties were crusty and smelled so good. 

I was home alone and Mommies panties looked so pretty. 

I got naked and put mommies panties on! 

I felt so naughty wearing her dirty panties, I started rubbing myself just like mommy did when she thought she was alone in her room. 

There I was laying on my giant pile of dirty laundry. 

My legs spread wide open and my fingers deep in my wet bald pussy. 

I was sniffing and huffing on my mommies dirty crusty panties and cumming so hard!

I opened my eyes to see my mommy in nothing but her panties, rubbing her pussy. 

She smiled and told me I was such a naughty little girl… “Bend over daisy and let me spank your ass… One spank for every time you have cum today!” she was softly rubbing my bare ass as she was scolding me.. “Naughty girls like you need to be punished for not following the rules.. 

How many times do you think mommy should spank my bare bottom?? 


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