Age Play Fantasy Fun

phone chat numbers lillyI have been watching him for months now at the gym. Tall dark and handsome. Thick and broad shoulders and his hands are huge!
I watch his muscles twitch as his body glistens with sweat day dreaming about what he looks like completely naked and in all his glory.
Yesterday I took Michelle to the gym with me for the first time. As soon as she saw him I knew she found the same attraction that I do.
The entire time we were working out she couldn’t keep her eyes off of him and neither could I.
I didn’t think he noticed us but apparently he did because as we were headed fro the locker room he cornered us.
With a big sheepish grin he introduced himself and asked if he could treat us to a smoothie.
I felt my pussy getting wetter as I imagined pouring that smoothie all over him and licking it off with my daughter right next to me.
Bringing myself back to reality we accepted. In the shower we soaped each other up and had a little foreplay as we giggled and whispered about his huge anaconda dick.
As we enjoyed our smoothie we found out that he is a constructions worker, which didn’t surprise me.
Before I knew it Michelle invited him to dinner. There was no way I was fighting the invitation and when he agreed i was more excited then I was willing to admit.
Mikey was at a friends and Michelle and I had plans to feed him more then dinner.
We picked out a matching sexy black and light blue corset with hot ass stockings and answered the door together.
There was no denying the dick in his pants that got rock hard as soon as he saw us and he wasted no time using those big hands on our bodies.
Sharing our first big black cock was everything I imagined and more!mommy phone chat lilly

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