Phone chat lines gone wrong

phone chat lines
I was just working my shift just being a good little phone sex whore when I received a call from this guy that asked if we could meet up, that is where my phone chat lines got mixed up with real life encounters. I told him that I couldn’t since I was working and then I heard a knock at the door. I was shocked to find out that it was the man that I was talking to on the phone! He grabbed me and pinned me against the wall and told me that he going to treat me like the nasty pathetic whore that I am. I tried to scream but he had his hand over my mouth.
He threw me on to the floor and unbuttoned his pants quickly and hopped on top of me. I tried to scratch and bite him but he over powered me, he spread my legs open and shoved his cock into my cunt. I couldn’t help but cry as he continued shoving his cock in and out of me, working my cunt with his hips as he went harder and faster with each penetration. He looked at me in the eyes and told me that he loves how tight and wet I am and that he is going to stretch me out really good.
He began grabbing my tits hard, sucking my nipples as he licked me and kissed me all over. He took his hands off my mouth and said to scream for him because he wanted to cum inside my wet cunt. I felt him cumming all inside of me, his warm liquid poured out of my wet pussy down my legs down to my ass hole. He grabbed me by the hair and dragged me into the restroom. He tied me up with duct tape that he found in my drawer and bounded my hands and feet.
phone chat numbers
My face was then struck repeatedly until there was blood all over me, making my shirt look like saturated in blood. I tried to move my face while he threw punches trying to knock out my teeth. Finally he got upset and took some pliers out of his pocket and he decided to pull my teeth out. I was in so much pain, all my teeth were missing and I just had a bloody mouth, with blood pouring out of my face.
He told me to open wide and began to fuck my face
with his cock. I gave him a gummy with my gums sucking and swallowing his cock the best that I could with no teeth. His cock was covered in blood so he wiped it off on his hand and licked off all the blood dripping from his hand, where he then replied ” Ill call you soon you pathetic nasty cunt” as he made his way out leaving me tied up in the shower covered in blood.

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