I’ll Do ANY Age Play Fantasy!

perverted phone sex

“Hi Alley…do you do age play fantasy phone sex” he was super turned on already! I answered in my girliest, young voice and told him YES! Of course I do! I even do any age you want. There are no limits with me! I like to be as young as you want me to be – no taboos…I never say no. Well unless you’re into that! Hehe. Just the other day I was in the changing rooms at school…I was the only one there and I was wearing my little blue cheerleading shorts and my tight tank. I heard someone coming and figured one of the girls had forgotten something but it turned out to be the janitor. No big deal, I thought to myself as I began to undress…I started to shower off…cheerleading is hard work! I noticed I couldn’t hear him cleaning anymore and just figured he had left. I went ahead and started drying off…but I didn’t get very far! Suddenly Mr. Janitor was there, in the stall … with me! He wanted to see my body up close and personal I guess, and I knew better than to resist him. I just went along with whatever he wanted to do….I mean why not right? He wanted to touch my tits, my little pussy…my ass was he real focus tho. He was licking it in no time! Which was hotter than I thought it would be…at that age I’d never had something like that done! But I knew he must be getting it ready for his cock…that’s the day my ass cherry got popped. He bent me right over to where my legs where over my shoulders and my ass was exposed along with my pussy. It hurt but I was ready, I took that cock like a pro – I’d say!

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