All I want for Christmas is a BBC Santa!

phone chat numbersAll I want for Christmas is a BBC Santa, doesn’t that sound heavenly? Just a big black Santa to give me what I really need for Christmas, a big fat cock to suck and fuck! I will be so happy to see him there under the tree smiling at me while he pulls that giant dick out of his jolly red pants, I just know that I will go all weak in the knees when I see it. I’m going to crawl right up to it and see how much of it I can fit down my throat, I want Santa to throat fuck me raw! My pussy will be dripping in anticipation of that giant cock filling me up, I know that Santa is going to fuck me better than any other man ever has… after all, Santa has a magic cock so you know that shit is going to be good! I am going to fuck Santa so good and make him so happy so I know that all my little ones will end up getting everything on their Christmas wish lists. We are going to have an amazing Christmas this year, I just know it!

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