High school parties with mommy Daphne

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Being the cool mom that I am, I decided to let my son have a little Christmas party for his football team. These are growing boys and I knew these boys were going to be starving! I filled up on all the good snacks and got them a few bottles to get tipsy on. I knew they were going to be eating everything in the house so I got them set up like the little kings that they were. As I was setting up all the snacks I started to hope those sexy young boys would be eating on my mommy pussy before dinner was even served! Growing boys are always hungry and horny. Those boys needed to work for their food. This nasty horny mommy never gives her food away for free.

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I started teasing my son’s cock right in front of all of his teammates! They were telling him how cool I was and how hot I was and how they wish they had a mommy just like me. I got up on the counter pulled my skirt up exposing my very wet hairy mommy pussy told them I was going to be their mommy for the night. Come eat me boys! “Let mommy take care of you! All of you! Fill mommy up with your young cocks and cum.. Then you eat dinner!

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