Are you my Daddy?

2 girl phone sex (5)

Mommy has always spoiled me. She always made sure I got a nice full body massage before bed, and the wettest goodnight kiss. The only thing that was missing was Daddy. Don’t get me wrong, Daddy was there but his cock is too small to please mommy or me. The only thing that would make my night-night routine better is if there was a Daddy to join us! Not just any Daddy, we need one that is ready to play with BOTH of us, 2 girl phone sex is the only way we truly get our fix. A requirement is to have a cock bigger than my Daddy’s which is so not hard to do! Mommy will spoil my pussy will I spoil your cock; you can be our new Daddy to play with. I don’t think there will actually be any sleeping going on but there for sure will be some family fun fucking! We might just have to make you our new and improved Daddy!

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