Sissy Training Mommy

phone chat numbers PearlBig Mamma Pearl loves sissies. My smooth, soft little ones who have special needs. Let me guide you in your search to become a sissy or cross dresser. I promise to be kind and gentle to you. At least until you learn the rules. Never forget that I own that boy-pussy and I can fuck it at any time.
So, you are ready for a call? You want sissy boy lessons? Are those balls shaved all smooth? Are you wearing your panties? Do you have your training toy? Good, let us begin your new life as a sissy boy. This is not something to take lightly. Once you assume your position as a girl, you can never go back. The thoughts of large cock will haunt you and make you stroke in shame. It’s so much better to accept what you are and let it bring you pleasure as I train you in the art of pleasing a man. Soon you will be the girl of your dreams and you will have all of the cock you need. Are you ready to drink gallons of fuck juice and get your new pussy hammered? I know you are. You see, I was once a man, too.
Come chat with me to get the rest of my story. It will blow your cock and your mind.

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