Are you watching me?

phone chat numbers belindaDo you see me through my windows at night? Taking off my clothes slowly…running my hands all over my body. Do you need me to pinch my nipples and slip the other hand down below where you know there is something else waiting…something that makes you cock hard. I slip my hand into my cunt, well rather a couple fingers to start. I know you can see me. I know you are watching this sexy show I am making for you. That’s why I keep it going each and every day of the week. We have our little dates of you watching me touching myself, fucking myself with the toys and all the other friends and little ones I bring over to play with me too… I know all you want to do is join in on the fun but all you can do is watch and jerk your cock. That’s okay… I know sooner rather than later we will be cumming together a nice and warm mess for us both to clean up… by ourselves.

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