Daddy’s Little Sex Slave

phone chat numbers berniceI’m a submissive whore. Been one since I was born. I was raised to serve men. It all began with Daddy. I was not daddy’s little girl, however. I was more like daddy’s little slave. One of my earliest memories is licking daddy’s ass. I remember it tasted so nasty. But, if I didn’t do as I was told, I was whipped on my bare bottom and shoved in a dark closet for hours. Daddy had a mean streak too. He would give me his piss in a cup and tell me it was apple juice. As I developed naturally, he accused me of being a cock tease. My punishment would be a hardcore anal fucking. One time he fucked me so aggressively that my ass prolapsed. When I was bleeding in my panties at school the next day, I was sent to the nurse’s office. When she saw my butt, she called the police. I was forced to lie to save my daddy from being arrested. I said a neighbor had hurt me. That guy went to prison for what my daddy did to me. But, it gained me some favor in daddy’s eyes, at least for a few weeks. Then I went right back to being daddy’s little punching bag and sex slave again. Flash forward 30 years and I am still a punching bag and sex slave. Just now for any man who wants to abuse me.

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