Bake with Me?

phone Chat linesSo I set up a kind of bake sale to lure in little ones for me to nab. My first customer was such an easy target and all I had to do was ask her to come help me get some cookies out of the oven and she was inside and immediately vulnerable enough for me to pin down, rip her clothes of and have my way with her. I started tonguing her pussy and asshole immediately and there was nothing she could do. Her tiny legs were kicking and she was screaming at first! I jammed my fingers into her pussy and started rubbing my own and I came multiple times almost instantly. I wanted to see if I could make her cum against her will so I began actually sucking on her cunt instead of just licking and I could feel her tremble deep inside which was so hot because I knew she was cumming and even though she hated it. I could tell she wanted more but I just couldn’t let her have everything she wanted, now could I? The real question is … Who should I get to help me play with my new toy?

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