Being A Naughty Babysitter With The Married Daddy

phone chat numbers tinaAfter the rugrat is sound asleep, I go up to your room and make myself comfortable by lying on the bed and removing several pieces of my clothing. I know your wife is working a double shift tonight so there is no chance of her being the one to show up first. Being the babysitter gives me a chance to be close to the family. I know that your wife doesn’t understand you. She is frigid and won’t let you look at her pussy much less fuck her unless you really beg. You deserve to be treated like the wonderful, passionate man that you are. My pussy is hot, wet and waiting. I will give you everything your wife won’t. I’ll give you my mouth, my pussy, and my ass. I’ll let you slide that thick cock between my tits and fuck those too. You can act out all your fantasies with the naughty babysitter. It will be our little secret. Nobody needs to know but us.

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