Sexy Role Plays: Who is Hot for Teacher?

sexy role playsSexy role plays are so much fun. In and out of the bedroom. I do a lot of phone role plays: mommy, teacher, Aunt, best friend’s mom, MILF next door, but my favorite is naughty teacher. Why? Because I am a school teacher and a part time phone sex whore. I have lots of dirty thoughts about my student body, the boys and the girls. So getting to role play your hot for teacher fantasy helps me too. This morning I did a phone sex role play right out of my dirty mind. Adam had to stay after class for detention with the new sexy milf teacher because he was looking at porn on his phone during class. But the teacher was not upset by the pornographic image on his phone when she realized the MILF looked an awful lot like her. Instead of making Adam bang erasers, I made him bang the teacher. I made him fuck my mouth, my pussy and my ass just like a porn star. A young teen boy has what a sexy teacher needs: a hard cock that gets hard all day long, over and over again. Of course Adam will be filling my fuck holes up with his boy batter daily after school since he is going to be such a problem student. Are you hot for teacher too?

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