Mommy phone chat with Kathy

Teaching my girls everything they know has been a great privilege for me. I love watching the grow and learn things everyday. Since they were in my belly growing I knew that  one day my sweet angels were going to be a slut just like their mommy! My angels took to sucking cocks right away. I think they love the taste of cum more than they do breast milk! My angels would fill up on yummie cummies before they would fill up on sucking my titties. I love that they love sucking cock and playing with cocks.

Mommy phone chat

I listen to them giggle as they play together. tasting each other’s tiny bald cunnies. Licking and sucking on each other’s little bubble-gum pink clitties makes my mommy cunt wet! I am so proud of my angels. They take care of business and have made mommy so much money! I love my cock sucking cum eating whores so much! I can’t wait until one of them makes me a Grandma! My sweet little angels are going to make me such a naughty p-grandma one day! 

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