I love my family visits!

granny phone chatI went to my son’s house to visit for a few days and it turned into one naughty, sexy time for sure! Everything started off pretty innocent, my daughter in law isn’t really into the whole incest thing so we have to be “normal” around her. But as soon as she was gone to work, shit got nasty in all the best kind of ways! I was playing pool with my son and my grandson and the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife… my panties were soaking wet and I decided that I was done waiting! I climbed right up on the pool table and stripped off my clothes and spread my legs and that was all it took! My son shoved his cock deep into my pussy and told his son to get up on the table and let granny suck his dick. I was getting double teamed by my son and my grandson and I was loving every second of it! I hope my daughter in law has to work overtime all week so I can keep on playing!

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