Mommy burns some ass.

phone chat numbersGranny likes it young and hard. It’s hard to believe I raised 5 sons and now have 8 grands. I think it’s time that I started training them like I did my boys. Spare the rod, spoil the brat. No matter how old they are, I keep them all in line. Old fashioned ass whippings are what bad young ones need. Firmly held over granny’s knee, bare ass up for all to see. You try sliding down my knee but you just end up with your face buried in gram’s wet bush. That’s a good place for you to start your training. I feel your hard little dick pressing into my thigh as I spank your red ass some more. I pull you up into my lap against my huge tits and reach down to touch your hard boy-cock. It throbs in my hand making you forget your sore ass. I began to rock you, stroking slowly as you begin to shudder. “Please granny, don’t stop.” you beg. You squirt gobs of cum all over my tits. Your training is just beginning.  

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