Caging the Evil

phone chat numbers NatashaLock me in a cage before I hurt someone. I am the Dark Mistress, the Bringer of Pain, the bitter accomplice. I will help you do unspeakable things. Tell me of your darkest fantasy and I will bring it to life. I spare no one. Young, old, male, female, man or beast. If it has a heartbeat that can be stopped, it’s fair game to me. Let us punish your horrid step daughter, your trashy ex-wife, or even the young and innocent. The taste and smell of blood is an a aphrodisiac that makes my pussy weep with joy. Can you handle my evil ways? Mess with me and I will inflict new levels of pain that you never before imagined. CBT, castration, and tormenting the soul are just a few of the services I provide. Call me in the dark of the night so we can plague the earth. I’m here for you all night, when the nightmares are most vivid.

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