Sexy Granny Phone Chat: I’m Not Your Typical Grandma

granny phone chat samGranny phone chat is pretty hot. Don’t knock it till you try it. Would you be surprised to hear that I am a grandma? Not once, not even twice, but 7 times. I have 6 beautiful brats, and now 7 beautiful grand angels. I am not your typical granny. I don’t have blue hair. I don’t play Bingo at the church every Friday night. I play games, but adult games. And I don’t play them with other adults. I like naked Twister with little ones. Strip Go Fish is pretty fun too. Any board game can be changed up too. Naked family games makes things interesting. I get the young ones accustomed to seeing my hot body naked. Get them use to having their little boy and girl parts fondled. I believe family fucking is important to the self esteem of the little ones. Body image is key when young. So I let them all know what sexy little bodies they have and how it effects me seeing them naked. It boosts their self confidence. When I find a like minded man, I invite him over for game night. The little girls especially, love entertaining our male guests. They are so cute trying to suck those big man cocks. But they love the game Volcano where you make your pee pee erupt for them. There are no rules, no inhibitions and no taboos in my family. Would you like to join the family games? I bet I’m not like your granny.

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