Call my phone chat numbers and I’ll tell you a story

phone chat numbersCall my phone chat numbers and I will tell you a story with all the details of my naughty night last night. See, my daddy had a bunch of his friends over for drinks and stuff, they were mostly hanging out in Daddy’s man cave and I was so bored. Most of them prolly didn’t even know I was there, I was just stuck in my room doing nothing and it was like torture! Finally I had enough of that shit and I decided to really make an impression on them. I got on my sluttiest outfit and my highest heels and strolled my way right down there into Daddy’s man cave and it was like everyone in the room shut up and just stared at me. Daddy asked what I was doing, he said that it was supposed to be his man time and if I was gonna interrupt them looking like a slut that he was gonna treat me like a slut too. I’m not even gonna lie, that was exactly what I was hoping for! I wanted to be a dirty whore and fuck them all! Well, I got my wish that’s for sure, Daddy had me on my knees sucking dick at first but those horny guys wanted more. They ripped off my dress and started fucking all my tender holes and you know what? I loved every second of it!

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