Phone Chat Numbers For Tamsin

Phone Chat Numbers

When you call my phone chat numbers you will get a dirty kinky whore and I won’t disappoint you…….I had heard threw the rumor mill that the company would be laying off employees after the holidays. I had to make sure that I was not one of them. So after the company Christmas party started winding down and most of the other employees had left. I decided to sneak off into your and wait for you.

I wanted you to make no mistake when you walked through your office door that I was here as your sexual fantasy girl. I had taken off all my clothes and I was waiting for you sitting on top of your desk wearing nothing other than white stockings and a hot pink garter belt to match my hot pink pussy. You didn’t know how to respond when you walked through your office door and saw me.

But that is okay because your dick did. Your dick just about burst our of your pants as the rest of your body stood frozen. I walked over and pulled down your pants. I began stroking the shaft of your cock as my lips wrapped around your fat mushroom head. I used my mouth to get your cock slippery wet and then I lead you over to your desk. I pushed you back onto your desk.

As I was climbing on top of your hard throbbing cock, you ask me what I was doing and I told you I was trying to guarantee my job security. As I rode your cock hard and fast, you blew your load of hot jizz inside of me. You told me that as long as I keep fucking you like that not only would you not be laying me off, but you would see to it that I got a pay raise.

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