Cold Dark Night

phone chat numbers robynMaster never lets me out of his site but for some reason he sent me to the store for more beer. Walking down the sidewalk in the crisp night air I can feel the forbidding. I push it to the back of my mind and dismiss it as just that I am not used to being out. Paying for the beer I think how silly I am for freaking out and with a new found confidence I start back home to give Master his beer and show him what a good job his little whore did for him. I should have known. Walking past a dark alley I feel the stare before I feel the hands that grab me and drag me into the darkness. The sound of beer bottles hitting the concrete as I feel my body being dragged along. I hear the creaking of a heavy steel door and feel my clothes being ripped from my body. Instinctively I am on my knees with my forehead touching the concrete floor and my hands palm down stretched out in front of me. I hear the whip cutting through the air before I feel it hitting my skin. I know better then to cry out. That is when I feel the hot hard dick behind me, pushing into my ass with no lube. It is huge and ripping me opened, yet I don’t move or complain. And then I hear his familiar voice. It is Master and this was all planned. I feel his cock rubbing on my flesh, his hand grabs my hair ans yanks my head back before shoving his dick in my mouth.

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