I couldn’t help it!

phone chat numbers kellyHehe ooopsie! I kinda sorta accidentally fucked the guy I babysit for but it’s totally not my fault I swear! I had the brats in bed sleeping and I was all by myself watching a movie, I was supposed to have the house to myself for at least another hour so and the show I was watching was getting me all hot was I supposed to just sit there horny and not touch myself?! I had my fingers inside my panties, was just starting to really get wet and that’s when the dad decided to come home. I tried to act like I wasn’t doing anything but he just grabbed my hand and licked my pussy juice off of every finger, he didn’t say anything at all he just pulled out his cock and put it in my mouth. Next thing you know he was fucking me super hard and I’m not gonna lie… I really liked it! I hope his wife doesn’t find out!

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