Cold weather makes a warm bed heaven!

2 girl phone sexMy sweet lil granddaughter Alley came to visit. The weather has been very cold and crappy and I know she is going to have to stay for a while. I don’t think she minds, she got extra dirty with me the other night. Claimed she was scared of the snow storm so she cuddled up all close to me under the covers. Before I knew it I could feel her small little hands touching me…not just normal touching me. She was running her hands over my hard nipples and sliding her fingers into my panties and going straight for my pussy. I had heard from her Daddy she was a lil tease but she wasn’t playing with me, she was going straight for what she needed – or what she wanted. She was going to get what she wanted, that spoiled little thing! I was going to give it to her, a full taste of Grandma’s pussy and all the juices she made for me. She was licking my pussy like a greedy whore and I was more than happy this was going to be a long kinda visit.

two girl phone sex

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