AB/DL Mommy for you.

phone chat numbershttp://familydesiresphonesex.com/girls/helen/It’s rare to find a true AB/DL mommy. You know. The kind who understands the fetish. Not just a harsh nanny. No, she must show you love. A real life mama who understands your need to be an adult beebee. She must have compassion and patience as you are such a bad little boy. You make messes and poo-poo in your pants. You refuse your pureed green beans. You cry for titty all day. Then there’s your other problem. That big nasty dickie in your diaper that gets all hard and makes your balls all gooey. Mama’s special touch will make it all better as she sings you songs and rubs away the discomfort. Mommy sticks a big nipple in your mouth as she rocks you. Her soft hand grips that bad part of you and makes you shake all over with pleasure. It’s great being an adult wah-wah when you have the best mommy ever.

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