Cum Covered Face

phone chat numbers reneeWith out a word he grabbed my wrist hard and pulled me towards him.
I made the mistake of wincing and letting out a little cry.
With his opened hand he slapped me across the face and informed me of my position for the evening.
i was to be his slut. I was not to complain, cry or challenge him in any way.
for my first lesson he ripped my clothes off leaving me in nothing but my thigh high stockings and heels before shoving me to my knees and slapping my red and stinging cheek with his rock hard cock before shoving it in between my lips.
He ordered me to suck his dick with a hand full of my hair in his fist as he face fucked me.
I think it upset him that I didn’t choke and no tears flowed from my eyes. Instead I took his thick meat down the back of my throat and met each thrust with a blowjob like none he had ever had.
I was hopeing that I would be rewarded with the sweet taste of jizz as he shot a load down the back of my bruised throat.
Instead he pulled out and shot his load all over my face as I smiled up at him.
I knew I was pushing his buttons and that it would be a long night now.
That just made my pussy wetter and increased the challenge for me.

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