Dirty Mommy Fantasies

Mommy phone chatI am such a dirty Mommy. I have three young girls. I think it is important to teach them early how to please a man. I sure am glad I have you to help me. Already they have learned so much. I have taught them the art of cock sucking and they are getting very good at it. The oldest can take a whole 8 inch cock in her throat without choking and she loves to swallow cum. She looks so sexy with her young mouth full of cock. The middle one loves taking it in her tight little cunt. She especially loves riding a huge cock into that tiny twat. So vocal too! The younger one is still a bit hesitant but she is a good little girl so she does whatever Mommy tells her without too much complaint. She is very good at taking care of Mommy’s hot wet pussy while the others take care of you. She seems to love the taste of Mommy’s pussy juice, and I love the taste of hers. It is such a sweet little treat.

Aren’t you ready to teach these sweet young things a new lesson? I have my trusty toy out already because just thinking about it has my pussy dripping.

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