My grandson is in so much trouble!

sissy humiliation phone sexMy grandson is in so much trouble right now! I just walked in on him in my closet trying on my lingerie and rubbing his little dickie all over everything! Some of that stuff is very expensive and dry clean only and now it has his jizz all over it! I was so mad that I rubbed his nose in it like he was a dog and then I pulled that little brat over my knees and paddled him until his little ass was bright red and my arm was too tired to continue. Then I made him go stand in the corner while I figured out his punishment. I decided that since he was already all dressed up, I may as well humiliate his little ass… so I invited the whole family over so they could see what a little bitch he was. You should have seen their faces when they saw the little bitch, they laughed and laughed and then we all took turns fucking him raw. Next time he better stay out of granny’s stuff!

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