Dirty Mommy Phone Chat

mommy phone chatMommy phone chat gets me so wet. I love playing mommy for all the sweet young boys that fantasize about fucking their own mothers. If your mother is still alive and well, don’t count her out just yet. In general, women get more horny as they age. I am much more naughty with my second set of offspring with hubby number two than I ever was with my first batch of brats. I think as an older mommy, my hormones are raging now. I was telling one of my callers about how much I enjoy eating my daughters’ little juicy slits. When I had my first batch of brats, I only played with my sons. Now, I did enjoy watching my sons play with my daughters, or men that I fucked play with them, but I never really played with them solo. Now, however, I was licking those bald honey  pots before they could crawl. And now that they are school girls, they have learned to lick back. My caller was really turned on listening to me talk about how good young girl pussy tastes. In fact, I was so turned on, I started fucking myself with a cucumber. My brats were at school, but as of next week, they will be home with me all day for the summer. I can’t wait. That means when I get all hot and bothered, I don’t need to find a garden veggie, I can grab a young brat!

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