Don’t you love pregnant whores like me?

pregnant phone sexI know all men have that preggo girl fantasy; I mean it’s completely reasonable. You’ve always fantasized about that sexy slut letting you do anything and everything you want to her, and with no complaints at that. And what’s a better than a slutty pregnant bitch? So young still, and clearly living a life with no limits… You crave that sweet young pussy; I know you can’t wait to feel how tight I am around your dick! It’s okay, I love to please a man, and it’s my job! Most girls can’t make you feel the way I can make you feel, because no one knows your desires like I do. It comes with being so incredibly slutty –but I’m not shameful, you deserve to be able to have all your desires fulfilled… and of course I just love to get fucked! Obviously I’m pregnant for like the seventh time since I started having sex in high school. Seriously, anything goes with me, I will suck your dick till you cum in my mouth and I will look you in the eyes as I swallow every last drop.  Or you can fuck my sweet, super tight ass then cum all over my titties and face! I just love cum, cum as much as you want; I will keep receiving all day and all night! Maybe if I’m really lucky you and your friends will want to get together and have some fun with me, I would love to just be dominated by a group of men, I would do any skanky thing you asked of me, I will do anything to make you cum! I am after all known as the slut and queen of incest… still feeling shy? That’s okay, I’m still horny, you can watch me slowly insert my fingers into this tight pussy and finger myself, sometimes taking out my fingers to slowly lick them, I’m teasing you I know, it won’t take long and you’ll be calling me.

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