Earning My A

Sexy role playsTeacher, I just can’t fail your class. Daddy would be so angry with me. I know it is my fault for goofing off, but isn’t there something I can do to make it up? Some extra credit work or something? Ooh, teacher, what are you doing? You like my big titties? Yes, you can feel them if you will just give me a passing grade. Ooh, where is that other hand? Oh teacher, your hand is in my panties. What did you have in mind? I know I have been flashing these panties at you all semester, but it was just a tease. I never imagined you would…..Oh yes teacher, rub me right there. Mmm, my young pussy is so wet for you. As your finger enters me, it feels so large inside me. You unbutton your pants and your large cock comes into view. If your finger feels like that, I can only imagine what your big dick is going to feel like stretching my cunt. You lay me back on your desk and ask if I am ready to earn my A. Oh yes teacher, fuck my little pussy. I will do anything for that A.

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