Sexy photo shoot with Cara and Tara!

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My sister Cara and I love to show our Mommy and Daddy how much we love them by sending them naughty pictures throughout the day.. We can not get enough of our mommies kisses on our little bald pussies and the way daddy pounds our tight little holes with his big cock! Makes my pussy wet just thinking about it. That is why Cara and I decided to set up a little photo shoot and send the naughty pictures to mommy and daddy. We wanted them to think about our tight bald wet pussies all day while they were working. I love taking pictures of Cara but what I loved the most was licking her pussy, making her pink pussy all wet for the camera! I love feeling her moan as I lick and suck her pussy and push 3 fingers into her tight little pussy hole. She loves getting stretched open and filled all the way up with daddy’s cock I knew she would love my fingers inside of her. I started finger fucking her so hard we had no idea that mommy and daddy had come home. We were playing and licking each other all day long!

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