Grandma loves a snow day!

grandma phone sexMy oldest daughter just had a little one, and grandma couldn’t be more excited. I even offered the parents to let me watch all the little ones this weekend so they could go relax someplace warm. They were really lucky too, by the time they flew out of here it was already starting to snow and it hasn’t stopped since! No problems with that here though, Grandma always has a nice full fridge and plenty of firewood if we lose power so it was just another day for us here, we didn’t want to go outside anyway. Anyway, it was about bath time and I was going to make it extra fun for my darlings. I put the 3 oldest in my garden tub and got that fresh outta the womb one into the tiny bathtub I had at my house for her. I held her little body in the water and I scrubbed it all over. It was so itty bitty and fresh, I loved touching her all over. I couldn’t wait till she was just a couple months older so I could fuck her little pussy with my strap on. Grandma loves being her grandbrat’s first for everything. And their mommy and daddy don’t object either. I put that one to bed and went to check on my other naked trio. They were playing around in grandma’s big garden tub, covered in soapy bubbles. I turned on the camera and they started to play harder, kissing each other and showing how much they loved their siblings. Grandma makes the swoop in for them to finish me off; I have a wet pussy to be licked just for the camera… that will be sure to keep us warm!

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