Hanging out with Daddy and his friend

phone chat numbers LoriDaddy loves me so much. I know I am his spoiled little princess. Last night Daddy brought me a special surprise! He brought his best friend over for me to play with. His name was Eric. Eric always stared at me since I was very little. I have always enjoyed the attention. Daddy told me he has always wanted to see me take two cocks at once. I knew exactly what Daddy and Eric wanted. I got down on my knees and looked up and smiled! I could see them looking into my innocent eyes while I unzipped their pants. Suddenly, I had two big cocks right in front of me. I took turns sucking their heads. I greedily licked up their pre cum. I carefully took my time to lick up and down their shafts then deep throated those big cocks! I could feel them throbbing in my mouth. I loved it. I loved being Daddy’s little girl. When I was sucking Daddy’s cock, Eric squirted his load all over my pretty face! When Daddy saw that he busted his load right down my throat. Like a good girl, I swallowed it all up like a cum slut. I was so excited to see what Daddy and Eric had in store next!

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