Welcome to my Nightmare

phone chat numbers NatashaI glide through the dark night air looking for my next victim. You don’t know about me, but I am here, just watching. I see the things that others miss and I judge you. I aim to punish the bad and the innocent. You mean nothing to me. I will pick you up, take you home, and crush your testicles beneath my heel while you scream without sound because your tongue is gone. I will milk the cum from your dying carcass and spit it in your face. On other nights, I play the accomplice, hunting prey among the innocent. I bring home another victim, so young and tender. Together we will molest and torture her flesh. I’ll throttle her convulsing body while you fuck the life from her.
Which will we play tonight? I choose you to be my accomplice? Do you have the stomach for it? Let us play the game.

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