Happy Panty Boy New Year

phone chat numbersI admit it. I have a thing for panty boys and sissies. They just seem to need a mommy’s advice and touch. This New Year I am hoping to find one of my very own. Any sissies out there needing a firm but kind mommy? I’m a Mistress mommy and I take no shit but I am loyal and will protect you from the evil forces of the world who want to molest and demean you. If anyone does the demeaning, it will be only me. As your Mistress Mommy, I will be taking care of your needs, including when and where you cum, the color of your panties, and whether you can be trusted near cock. If you are disobedient, I will deal your punishment accordingly. It may include performing embarrassing acts, a little CBT, and milking you for every dime you have. In extreme cases, blackmail is the only way to break an unwilling sissy. Are you scared? Can you handle me? Are you ready to make this the year to submit and admit your desires? Let’s play a game….. You go first…

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