He calls phone chat numbers all the time

phone chat numbersBob calls phone chat numbers all the time so when he finally tried me out I was in for a real treat! He was so expert at turning me on without ever actually touching me, I was practically hypnotized. He described in detail how he was going to eat my pussy, nice and slow, you know really take his time with it. I was dripping wet and I just couldn’t help it,I had to rub my pussy. I told what I was doing and it drove him wild! He told me that if I was that excited that I needed that cock instead of my fingers and I couldn’t agree more. I let him bend me over and slide that dick inside my dripping wet pussy and just begged for more. I was cumming so hard,over and over again,I just couldn’t stop! It was so intense that I was shaking but I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. It was the most intense call I’ve ever had!

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