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Phone chat lines I got this idea from a short story a read about a chick who went hitchhiking and got picked up by the wrong bunch of guys. It was 3 guys that fucked, tortured, and snuffed her life right out of her for a few days before they dumped her lifeless body in a field. I had to take breaks from reading the story just so I could fuck my cunt. I knew I wanted to experience the same thing. or as close to an experience as I could. So I got my nasty slutty ass dressing all whorish. Drove my car out to a Wallmart parking lot. Got on the road and started hitchhiking. Most of the cars drove past me. I got lots of stares and a few hollers. And then this one SUV pulls over to the side of the road I could see 2 male shadows. When I got up to the window I smiled and asked if I could a ride to anywhere they were going. As they let me into the back seat the bottom of the skirt popped up on purpose. I knew they both got a good look. We didn’t drive along until we parked. It was a secluded spot down a little trail right off the main road. The guy in the passenger seat drugged me out of the car by my hair. I moaned at the pulling of my hair being ripped from my scalp. I was thrown to the ground and my clothes ripped off from my body. The driver whipped out his dick and pissed on my face. the passenger was kicking in the stomach and cunt yelling at me to “bleed bitch!” They both were stroking their cocks as they both started to batter my body. Kicking and punching. cutting into my flesh with box cutters. They were not even interested in fucking me. All they wanted to do was crush me and kill me. Come ring my phone chat lines to hear the rest of the story.

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