How I Became a Mommys Girl…

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I have a confession… and it’s a big one. I’ve been fucking my Mother. You might even know her, her name is Doris, but I normally call her Mommy, hehe.  Ever since I’ve been fucking guys, and seeing my Mom fuck other guys, I’ve always just wanted to so badly to see what it was like to fuck my own Mom, well I finally had the chance! One night after going out drinking, I looked her right in the eye and said “You know what Mom, you’re pretty fucking sexy, and I was hoping we could fuck.” She didn’t even hesitate, as if she had wanted to fuck me all this time too. Before I knew it, both of our skimpy outfits were on the floor and we were all over each other like animals. Mom grabbed me by my hair and pushed me down on her, as if I wasn’t already getting to it! I began to lick her cunt hard and fast, putting all I could into pleasing her, and I know I was doing great because she was soaking wet, and I just kept licking it all up… she tasted so fucking delicious. I couldn’t wait to have my turn. I knew I was doing good when she pushed my head deep into her wet pussy, pulling my hair and moaning loudly, I knew she was gonna cum soon, and I was getting close too, she started fingering me and I thought I might explode…my Mommy could do so much to me with only 3 fucking fingers! Before I knew it she was sucking, biting and teasing my hard nipples…I guess she knows how much I like that. And Mommy made me cum so hard, I didn’t think Mom had it in her… That’s how I became a Mommy’s girl once and for all.

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