Mommy Phone Chat on My Phone Chat Numbers

mommy phone chatMommy phone chat is my favorite kind of incest talk. I guess because I am a dirty mommy, I have the most experience in this area. I find myself often playing the role of a phone sex therapist for men who want a sexual relationship with their mothers now that they are older. I know society tells us incest is wrong, but it is actually quite natural. Incest is rampant in the animal kingdom. It is how we have pure bred breeds. It is also common in the royal families in many countries. It is how you preserve the lineage. In Biblical times and ancient Greek and Roman times, incest was common place. So why now is it so taboo?

phone chat numbersBoys will always want their mamas. And mamas will always want their boys. It is natural and should not be criminalized. Let families do what feels right for them. You know as an adult, there is nothing illegal about fucking your mother. So, if your mother didn’t act on her natural urges to fuck you when you were young, she may very well act on them now that you are legal age and she can’t go to prison. I never let the law stop me, but I know for many mothers it is the one thing that prevents them from jumping your bones that first time they caught you jacking off in a pair of their panties.

cheapest phone sexAs women mature, our libidos increase. In our sexual prime, we have less inhibitions, fewer taboos. We often have husbands who are gone or have cocks that no longer work. We don’t get out to bars as much or places to meet men. So, this is your time to pounce. Women of a mature age often need you to make the first move, especially if you are her son. Don’t worry. I can help you have the relationship you want with your mother. Just call my phone chat numbers so you can be a mother fucker like my sons.

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