I Banged His Car And He Banged Me

phone chat numbers genessaI knew you would be upset when you saw your car. I just needed to make a quick trip to the store for a bottle of wine to go with dinner. Since my car was being tuned up, I grabbed the keys to your prize possession. At the red light, I was rear ended. The damage was minimal but this is your baby we are talking about. When you look at your car, you seem sad, but not angry. Thankful the accident wasn’t my fault, I am a bit relieved at your reaction, but I hate to see you sad.
As we sit in the car surveying the damage, I begin to rub your cock through your pants. You turn to me, starting a slow sensual kiss at my lips and trailing it all the way to my breast. My breath catches as you take one sensitive nipple in your mouth. You turn me over, baring my ass and pussy to you. You enter me quickly and fill me completely, fucking me into complete oblivion as you let out your frustrations on my body. Your strokes are fast and deep. I am soon begging for more. Faster baby please, fuck me harder. Your balls slap my clit roughly on every stroke, bring me to an earth-shattering orgasm. My pussy spasms and clinches your cock, milking your seed. You fill my cunt with your hot cum and your whole body begins to relax. No longer angry, but exhausted, we cuddle in the car, enjoying the afterglow of our wonderful makeup sex.

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