Mommy and I do oh so many fun things together!

two girl phone sexMommy and I do oh so many fun things together! One of my favorite things to do with my mommy is going shopping. We take our new daddy’s credit card and head straight to the mall. They know us so well there, we get the best deals in town right at the mall of all places! Ha, I bet you wish you could get discounts as good as we do – sometimes we even get stuff for free! How on earth do we pull this off you may ask? Well silly I can’t believe you haven’t already figured this one out! Mommy and I work sooo very hard to suck off all the store clerks and make sure to get the cheapest prices and discounts. I don’t mind using the barter system at all… and clearly neither do they. Mommy loves having her good cocksucking slut with her – I always make sure they finish with a hot warm blast! If you know what I mean *wink wink*. It’s always fun at the mall…

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