The Life Of The Party

phone chat numbers vivI love being the life of the party. I am laying here thinking about what everyone is going to think when I set up the skittle bomb table. It is one of my favorite drinks and to tie in to my beautiful “taste the rainbow” tattoo I am going to lay on the table naked surrounded by skittles and vodka. There will even be skittles stuffed inside my tight , wet , honey pot for the more adventurous at the party that want to add a little flavor to their cocktail. I believe it will make the perfect bar, with the perfect bar tender. Don’t you? I can’t wait to have everyone come and pick their skittles and mix their drink with me as the center of attention. Imagining what will happen after everyone has had a few skittle bombs is what will keep my pussy wet all night long. Cum on over and join us for the evening, there is plenty to go around, I assure you!

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