Mommy Phone Chat on the Best Phone Chat Lines Ever

mommy phone chat mommy daughterMommy phone chat is hotter when it includes the daughter! My baby girl Morgan and I not only play together in real life, but we play on the phone together too. We love catering to the male fantasy of having a sexy mother daughter duo. Often times our calls are just us sharing our true life sex escapades or retelling stories from the past. Today, John wanted to hear all about how I trained Morgan to be a good cock sucking whore. I love telling that story. Her father use to molest her; force his tiny dick down her throat. Once I found out what he was doing, I put a stop to it. Not because I am against incest. I am all for it actually. But, I am against hot girls getting violated by losers.

I wasn’t fucking my husband because of his short dick. Morgan certainly could not learn how to best suck cock with a shrinky dick, so I procured her a worthy specimen to learn on. My boy toy Troy. He was this young buff college boy I was fucking on the side. Once I told him my predicament, he was more than willing to lend his cock to Morgan’s sex education. After I had the size matters conversation with her, I sat her down to show her how to suck a real man’s cock. I slurped and gulped on Troy’s throbbing member, even massaged the balls. Showed her how to use her mouth, hands and titties in unison to give a man the ultimate cocksucking experience. Within minutes he was unleashing jizz all over my face.

phone chat lines cum whoresI summoned Morgan over to snowball his cum with me. She needed to know how yummy a real man’s spunk tasted. She couldn’t believe the difference in taste. The dribble that oozes out of my husband’s worthless pecker is nasty, but a real man’s jizz should be bottled and consumed daily. Troy needed little down time before Morgan got to slurp on his prize winning member. She was a natural. She worked every thick inch of his cock into her eager little mouth. I rubbed my cunt with pride watching her put my cocksucking lessons to work on a worthy dick. Soon Troy jet blasted the back of her throat and she was squealing with delight over blowing her first real cock.

She has been gulping down big man cock ever since. Not all phone chat lines offer a real mother daughter duo. Trust me, until you have talked with us, you have not yet had the best phone sex experience.

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