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mommy phone chat pcnMommy phone chat is my specialty. It is my favorite too. I am a dirty mommy. I have been playing with my brats since they were very young. I am not apologetic about it. I was a single mom, raising two wee ones by myself. I had sexual needs that I struggled to meet. Working all day and raising two brats didn’t afford me the time or energy to date. For awhile my vibrator was the man in my life, but that all changed when my son caught me playing with my man. I was lost in the fantasy of Brad Pitt fucking me when I heard some moaning. I opened my eyes and there was my son with his dick in his hands watching me play with my pussy. He had an impressive cock for his age. It was bigger than my vibrator. Every mother has dirty thoughts about her son, just most don’t act on those thoughts. I am not most women. I sat up, motioned him to the side of the bed and started sucking his cock. I think my lips lasted a few seconds on his dick before he squirted in my mouth. He was embarrassed. I think he thought he would last longer. I had hoped he would, but I had waited that long for some real cock, I could give him a few minutes to recharge. Second round he was like the energizer bunny. Fucked my pussy better than his deadbeat dad ever did. Flash forward a decade and he is still fucking me better than any other man before him . After that night, I said goodbye to sex toys and hello to boy cock. Only difference now is that his baby sister joins in on the family fun too. I can’t believe I ever use to think a vibrator was a substitute for cock.

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