My phone chat numbers got me high

phone chat numbersI got some phone chat numbers for horny guys to call and now I am making tons of money to get high with! It’s so perfect, dudes call me I get them hard as fuck and when they are hard they will pay me anything to get off. I invite bunches of them to come fuck me and the brats too, they bring me party favors and I get super fucked up and then I just don’t care what they do to my little ones anymore. Sometimes the little whores will cry about it and beg me to make the men stop fucking their tender little holes but what else did I have them for?? I made those brats to be fucked, mommy needs money to fund my habit and those little bitches are easy to pimp out. So many men want young bitches like that so they are just going to have to get used to mommy pimping them out because I am never going to stop doing it.

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