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Phone Chat NumbersYou might think you have heard it all thru our Phone Chat Numbers but that was before you met me. I’m more than unique and some might call me a Goddess. I am not the type of slut that is experienced in a trashy way, but rather a way that oozes wisdom and control. If I have tempted you at all, then you are already mine. I already have you wrapped around my finger, making sure you do as you’re told. Just because I’m so dominant doesn’t mean that it is the only thing I do. We can be accomplices! Dive into the unknown ground that you’ve never had the pleasure of experiencing. Worry not my friend, I will be there to guide you. Ease you into everything and direct you when needed. To hang with me though, you’ve got to have a strong stomach, lack a heart, and crave pain. The kind of things that turn me on so fucking much is not for the faint of heart. I go to another level than taboo, making sure I get exactly what I want at all times. I bet you could have never imagined you’d be so lucky as to find a woman that gets equally as turned on as you do if not more! You could have never dreamed up such a perfect scenario. Truly it’s a dream come true. And you know what you really can’t believe? This all started with you calling one of our limitless Phone chat lines. What is it that gets your cock hard? Little cheerleaders? The sluts in their bikinis? Is it hearing these brats scream and whine for mercy? Are you obsessed with those tight little fuck holes? Mmm, so am I! So what are we waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose, after all.

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