Phone chat lines

phone chat lines

I was set up on a blind date and I am not much of the dating type obviously. Well as I was waiting for the time to come when he picked me up at my house and I noticed someone was outside my door. Fuck me, it must be this guy and he is early. I open up to find him holding a package and looking dirty. He had a crazy look in his eyes. I told him I wasn’t expecting him till later. He played around even though he kind of looked confused- thinking about it now. I took the box from him and he just invited himself right on in inside my house. I got a weird feeling and as we kept talking I realized that this was not the guy I was suppose to go out with. Next thing I know I am fighting him off of me inside my kitchen. He is throwing my body around trying to lift my dress up to shove himself in one of my holes. He raps my hair around his knuckles as he slams my face into the wooden floor over and over again. The blood pours out of my face all over the ground. He picks up my body by my hair and slams me into the kitchen counter. He grabs a knife and plays butcher on my pussy hole. Slices meat off of me from every angle.

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